Brittany Holloman

Founder | Consultant

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Brittany is a College Instructor who began her journey serving nonprofit communities in 2009. She currently teaches Business Professionalism, Internship and Communication courses. She earned her Master of Arts in Communication with an emphasis in managerial communication from The University of Texas at Arlington. In 2017, she also earned her certificate in Nonprofit Management. Her experience also includes nonprofit leadership, grant writing, designing educational curriculums, and producing creative video content. In 2019, Brittany launched Brave Scholars University (BSU), this program currently serves over 1800 students. BSU is a curriculum that helps middle, high school, and early college students receive educational support that will prepare them academically while empowering them to advance in their career and life goals.

Brittany began her profession as a videographer in 2016, her expertise includes skits, promotional videos and testimonials. In 2017, she decided to grow her talents by becoming a professional photographer for businesses and non-profits in the DFW area. She is also the Founder of Dare To Be Brave, which is a nonprofit organization that supports youth and young adults who are striving to fulfill their purpose. As the Founder of BraveUp Consulting, her company offers various consultation services to small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Her end goal is to see others aspire to make a difference and conquer what seems to be impossible.


Dr. Linda Gray

Consultant | Grant Writer

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Linda is a non-profit business consultant with more than 25 years of experience. Currently, she is an Associate Consultant for the National Academic Consulting Services and a Certified Business Mentor for SCORE in Dallas, Texas. Linda's level of expertise led her to assist with designing Collin College's curriculum for their Non-Profit Management Certification. In return, she also spent the past 3 years working as a Lead Instructor for the non-profit program she helped develop.

Linda has successfully assisted hundreds of non-profit organizations receive technical assistance in order to earn their IRS 501c3 certification. Her professional affiliated memberships include the American Association of Grant Professionals and National Grants Management Association. Linda is also the Co-Founder of R L Gray Community Development Outreach, Inc., which is a nonprofit organization providing support to children and families in the Dallas area.

Linda's mission is to give back to the community by equipping others with the tools to be successful.



Breana Irving

Curriculum Designer | Lead Grant Writer

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Breana Irving has spent the past 3 years working as a Special Education teacher at a Title I School in New York City, and is excited to be using her love of language and writing as part of BraveUp Consulting grant writing team. Her contributions to BraveUp Consulting has helped their clients competitively apply to various foundations/corporations and successfully receive grant funds. Breana has also served as an Advisor and Curriculum Designer to BraveUp Consulting since its inception.

She graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a Bachelor of Arts in History. In 2018, Breana completed her Master of Science in Special Education. Upon receiving her Master's degree from Long Island Brooklyn University, she will have completed her requirements for the NYC Teaching Fellows Program in New York City. Breana is passionate about education, and raising awareness for issues such as mental health and social justice.

Her goal is to encourage others to reach their potential by realizing they have unique gifts and talents that can be used to contribute to the betterment of our community.


Parker Healy

Lead Videographer

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Parker is an experienced film maker and multi-media production engineer. In 2016, Parker served as a Creative Director for Stealth Films, Technical Director for Allen Stadium and a Film Editor for KGLE 3 News Broadcast. Parker not only has over four years of experience in the film industry, he also won first place for his participation in the Association of Texas Photography Instructors two years in a row. Parker has worked on several professional projects that led to the successful creation of short films, testimonials and documentaries.

Parker strives to inspire others with his creative expression by transforming how others view the world around them.


Isabella Mendiola

Photographer | Creative Strategist


Bella is a dedicated Creative Artist who has spent the past 3 years perfecting her craft in photography and graphics design. Her experience also includes working as Yearbook Senior Editor, Coverage Manager, and Design Editor for Heritage High School. Bella won Designer of the Year 2018, Superior Cover Art and Photography from TAJE Best and Superior Sports Action Photography from TAJE Best in Texas Yearbooks. Currently, Bella works for Dare To Be Brave as their Graphics Designer and is pursuing her associates degree in Marketing from Collin Community College.

Bella has a heart to serve our community by inspiring others through her creativity by bringing awareness to mental health.