How to Start a Non-Profit in 60 Minutes or Less: 

  • Learn the basic requirements to become an official tax exempt non-profit organization

  • Recieve step-by-step instructions on how to form a 501c3 nonprofit organization

  • Gain access to pertinent websites, specific forms required and how to complete necessary paper work


The Secret Life of Managing a Non-profit:

  • Overcome the challenges that most people face when choosing to start a 501 c3 non-profit organization

  • Learn how to create an organizational budget

  • Illustrate negative effects of failing to approach organizational goals with a strategic mindset

  • Discuss what it takes to build a team of individuals who will work to help solidify the organization's mission

How to Be a Brilliant Leader for Your Organization:

  • Understand what it takes to be an effective leader

  • Provide insight on how to motivate employees to go beyond what is expected of them

  • Enhance the marketability of your organizational/departmental services

  • Show in-depth strategies on how to not only improve, but maintain the quality of your leadership skills

Employee to Supervisor, What's Next:

  • Understand your style of leadership

  • Learn how to establish a motivating work environment

  • Discuss how to implement expectations that may be out of employees' comfort zone

  • Gain knowledge that will help build your confidence as a supervisor


Creative Branding with an Innovative Twist:

  • Understand how to set strategic marketing plans that will establish a clear direction and unified approach toward your organizational goals

  • Learn how to brand strategically and how to generate funding opportunities for your organization

  • Discuss what products and services that your organization will or can provide

  • Show in-depth strategies on how to quantify the needs of your target audience to gain exposure


Grant Writing the Strategic Way:

  • Learn how to research grant funding opportunities

  • Understand the technical details in writing a successful grant proposal

  • Gain knowledge on how to handle a grant application before and after the grant is submitted

  • Learn the best practices that are used when submitting a grant application


Capture Your Audience with Only Your Voice:

  • Become a voice that your target audience will listen to

  • Prepare an elevator speech that will enhance the marketability of your organization

  • Overcome various communication barriers when giving a presentation on behalf of your organization

  • Provide different communication strategies that will keep your target audience thoroughly engaged


How to Make Your Budget Work for Your Organization:

  • Provide insight on how to prevent your organization from becoming a poor financial steward of funds

  • Gain knowledge to help prepare, plan and write an annual budget

  • Create a financial budget for your organization's anticipated programs

  • Review best non-profit financial management practices to implement when creating an operational budget


How to Select Key Players for Your Board:

  • Understand how to properly interview and select potential board members

  • Learn what type of individuals you need to serve on your board or advisory council

  • Build a board that will remain dedicated to the organization's mission

  • Present information about pertinent documentation that needs to be prepared when establishing a board

  • Know how to handle board members who are not adhering to the bylaws, policies and/or procedures that were established


How to Handle Team Burnout: 

  • Learn to detect warning signs before team burnout over takes the pro-activeness of your employees and volunteers

  • Provide detailed insight on how to manage employees and volunteers when team burnout has overstayed its welcome

  • Illustrate the negative effects of leaders who turn a blind eye to team burnout

  • Implement various strategies that will help prevent your employees and volunteers from experiencing team burnout


Organizational Culture - Are You the Problem:

  • Define what is the current state your organization's culture

  • Determine why your organization's culture is disrupting the work flow of your employees and volunteers

  • Discuss how you are contributing to the negative impacts of your organization's culture

  • Apply strategies and techniques that will help redefine your organization's culture

"Successful learning is when the information we learn is used to build something beyond ourselves."