We are committed to providing our community with the best consumer experience while remaining a resource that others are enriched by.


It is so easy to become overwhelmed by the steps that must be completed to ensure that your organization will be successful. BraveUp Consulting is a community of individuals who are extremely dedicated to any person or organization, who desires to impact our communities in a positive way. We aspire to see the world brave up to the challenge of overcoming the obstacles that they are faced with in order to build something beautiful.

"I want to reiterate how much I love your dedication to help non-profits succeed in order to serve. You are an unsung hero for thousands of families and people across North Texas through your expert guidance. The recommendation to contact you was the best advice I have ever received!"

Sarah NejdlFamilies for Freedom
Founder & Executive Director  



"BraveUp Consulting is a great organization. I chose to utilize their photography services after taking a look at their impressive portfolio. It was the best decision that I could have made. Not only were they warm and friendly, but also very professional and patient with my 2-year-old! Upon seeing the final photos, I was blown away! They far exceeded my expectations. We’re excited to call BraveUp Consulting our new business and family photographer."

Krystal Kankam
Valued Client


"Your ability to research and prepare grant applications helped my team apply for the Arts Council of Northeast Tarrant County and the Arts Council of Fort Worth grant funding opportunities. We are pleased to share that we received generous awards from both. Thanks to your guidance the Keller Area Youth Jazz Orchestra will be able to continue serving our community!"

Gary Phillips, Metro Performance Resources, Inc. 
Founder & Executive Director

How We BraveUp


Consultation for nonprofit organizations

Provide business development consultation

Leadership and team development training 

Write grants for organizations to receive funding

Offer educational curriculums for middle and high school students

Handle the submission of documentation needed to become a 501c3 or LLC

Offer creative support to help with your personal or organizational brand

Produce creative video marketing content



When You BraveUp


Collectively developed and secured over 2.5 Million dollars in grant awards

Presented over 3,000 hours of strategies and improvement plans for workshops/trainings

Served over 1800 youth through Brave Scholars University

Provided over 4,000 hours of consultation services

Created over 1,000 hours of creative video content

 Assisted hundreds of nonprofit organizations in receiving their IRS 501c3 certification/ LLC 




"Our goal is to ensure that you BraveUp to every challenge."