Brave Scholars Curriculum:

This 1-year curriculum will help middle, high school, and early college students receive educational support that will prepare them academically while empowering them to advance in their career and life goals. Our program offers a unique approach because we provide students with action-oriented learning experiences that will advance their 21st Century Skills. This program builds student critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity skills, thus giving them the confidence in maintaining a successful academic career. Educators and schools can choose to license our curriculum and bring Brave Scholars University to their community.

Offer complete access to detailed lesson plans and supplemental materials:

  • 5,000+ hours of instructional content

  • Training for educator(s)

  • Login account to access the curriculum on a web-based platform

  • Two hours of virtual Technical Assistance provided via phone each month

  • Teacher’s guided lesson plans/presentations

  • Student guided worksheets 

  • Personalized curriculum(s)  

  • Guided Assessments              

Currently we offer:

  • High School Curriculum(s)

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